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HR360 is a HR, Talent and Leadership Development Consultancy that helps to create and sustain an organisation’s employee experience.

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Helping Businesses Improve Productivity & Profitability with HR Solutions


We are specialists in the field of providing exceptional HR support and advice to scaling companies. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in UK Employment Law and provide worldclass leadership development to entrepreneurial environments needing to prioritise their people agenda. Our best practice guides and packs enable businesses to implement successful frameworks and processes across their employee lifecycle, helping to ensure the employee experience is optimal, and engagement is measured, managed, and maintained at all times.

"We want to reduce our agency costs"



Our Solution

By engaging our services you will reduce your agency costs. We provide you with an experienced resource/s depending on the volume of recruitment you have, to manage your entire recruitment process on an outsourced basis, at a fraction of the cost.

"We want to improve our recruitment process"



Our Solution

By evaluating what you have in place currently, against what you want to achieve we will create an efficient recruitment/hiring process that works for your business.

We have a team of very experienced recruiters who are equipped with the skills to do this.

"We want to increase our teams productivity"



Our Solution

By doing a comprehensive HR Diagnostic we can take the pulse of your organisation, and identify what areas may need improving, and the skills needed to make those improvements. We can work with you to make these improvements, whether they are training needs or lack of engagement by team members.

"We are rapidly growing & need to hire talent"



Our Solution

By introducing a robust hiring process into your business and managing that process, we can find you the right talent quickly, with minimum input from you (unless you want to be involved of course). By creating an onboarding process that is reflective of you and your values and culture we ensure new employees are engaged with you from the start.


We Believe in the Power of Human Connection

HR360 is a Talent and Leadership Development Consultancy that helps create and sustain an organisation’s ultimate employee experience – the cornerstone for successful business performance today and in the future. We believe in a more integrated and connected workplace, and approach all client relationships with the Whole Human in mind – that is, from an emotional, agility, spiritual, physical and mental point of view.

Build your business

Increase Productivity

Enhance your employee's experience

Recruit based on your needs

Our Packages

Optimise your Business with the Right Talent, Skills & Tools


We build the foundations for efficient and effective people management throughout the employee lifecycle.


Grow your people’s potential to make your business a success, in a culture of high performance.


You realise the value of having the right people onboard and want to give them the best workplace environment in which to thrive.


As a growing business hiring the best people needs to be at the forefront of your organisations mission.

Our Success to Date

Our mission is to inspire and empower organisations to achieve Greatness, to inspire organisations to do the extraordinary with their talent and to empower leaders with the right tools to create and sustain a healthy organisation.


reduction in cost per hire

years experience

new starters successfully onboarded every year

employees are supported everyday

Read the Latest from Our Expert Team

Read the Latest from Our Expert Team

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