Employee Engagement & Performance Development

Do you know the benefits of having a fully engaged workforce? A workforce that is motivated and engaged and who enjoys being at work?

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Creating a Seamless Onboarding Process

HR360 truly believe in and practise the whole human approach, this means we start to engage your employees even before they have joined you! When they do join you we have a seamless onboarding process, that engages and inspires employees.

This involves creating a process that fits your culture, and means the new employee feels part of the team from day one. We facilitate this process (and can utilise your HR System to document this too), and ensure all meetings with key contacts are set up, with regular check-ins scheduled with the employee.

Connecting It All Together

Part of the onboarding involves the setting of goals for the new starter so they are aware of what’s expected of them, this then forms the basis of their Performance Development plans moving forwards.

Performance Development is so important for a business as everyone is aware of what they need to achieve to enable to business to achieve what it needs to, everyone can see where they fit in.

HR360 introduce Performance Development frameworks (they do not have to be as formal as they sound) to suit your culture, and instil a sense of belonging.


reduction in cost per hire

new starters successfully onboarded every year

employees are supported everyday

Read the Latest from Our Expert Team

Read the Latest from Our Expert Team

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