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We have an experienced recruitment team, who we can mobilise quickly to manage all or part of your recruitment process seamlessly.

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Struggling to Find the Time to Recruit?

As a growing business with recruitment needs, it is vital to have the time to dedicate to this process. However in reality how many people actually do? You are not yet at a size where you need an inhouse recruitment resource, yet you do not have the capacity or expertise to manage this internally.

This is where HR360 come in. We can manage all of your recruitment needs on an outsourced basis for a competitive monthly fee.

Making Recruitment Simple

We take care of every aspect only getting the hiring managers involved when they need to be. We profile every role (not just create a job description but actually discover what the main functions are this role needs to fulfil, how it interlinks with other parts of the business, what the objectives are that this role needs to meet. From there we create a hiring strategy, one that gives an exceptional candidate experience (should you have an existing recruitment process in place we do a full overhaul of this to ensure its fit for purpose and efficient, and that it is actually bringing onboard the right people,

from a cultural, personality and technical aspect).

We research the best methods to attract the right candidates for you, manage your ATS (should you have one, we can set one up if you don’t) and do everything from posting the job adverts, sifting applications, telephone pre-screens (against vital criteria), presenting the recruiting Manager with a shortlist, arranging the interviews and any tests required, we provide feedback to all at every step of the journey, then we manage any offers and negotiations as required.

Recruitment Solution for Every Eventuality

If we need to involve recruitment agencies, we source the most relevant ones to your needs, agree preferential rates and manage these relationships on your behalf.

Should you want a little more involvement in the process, but don’t know how we have a Recruitment pack we have created which is a best practice step by step guide to recruitment, including all templates required in the process.

HR360 have an experienced Recruitment team who are well versed with working with scaling businesses, and who have supported with recruiting multiple vacancies across multiple disciplines with efficiency and ease.


reduction in cost per hire

new starters successfully onboarded every year

employees are supported everyday

Read the Latest from Our Expert Team

Read the Latest from Our Expert Team

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