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You realise the value of having the right people onboard and want to give them the best workplace environment in which to thrive.

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Create an Environment Where People Thrive

Our Retain Package enables you to create a “best place to work” environment, and you will retain motivated and productive employees.

To deliver your business objectives you need your people to be engaged and excited to come to work everyday and deliver results. We live in a competitive business landscape where attractive salaries and benefits are being offered to attract and retain employees. WHAT distinguishes you from the crowd? What makes you an employer of choice? It will come down to the work environment you provide, the tools and resources you offer, how you train and develop your people, and engage with them.

What Our Retain Package Includes

Employee Retention Programme

This will equip you with the data and a framework to better understand and improve engagement levels within your organisation.

Employee Engagement Programme

This will provide you with an analysis of Engagement within your organisation. Along with data detailing what’s important to your team members.

Performance Development

Including support and structure for your Performance Reviews, and the creation of individual training plans, post review.

High Potential Identification, Development & Management

After identifying the high performers, we create individual plans of development for them along with tips on how to manage them effectively.

Employee Wellbeing

Evaluation and provision of the right employee wellbeing strategies for your business. This can include wellbeing workshops and employee assistance programmes.

Employee Check-Ins

We take the pulse of your organisation through regular checkins with your team. Not only at key points throughout their employment, onboarding and probation periods but regularly after that too.

Salary and Benefits Benchmarking & Review

We provide an annual benchmarking activity both externally and internally. We survey employer satisfaction levels and suggestions, and provide suggestions on any recommended changes.

Workforce & Succession Planning

Equipping you with a clear structure for today and tomorrow, enabling team members to see their progression opportunities and training plans clearly.


reduction in cost per hire

new starters successfully onboarded every year

employees are supported everyday

Read the Latest from Our Expert Team

Read the Latest from Our Expert Team

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